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Craft Coffee. smoothies. clean eats + radical times.

surf. skate. coffee.






all smoothies are made with our vegan all in one nutritional powder which provides 20g protein, vitamins A+C for antioxidants, 50% of your daily B vitamins, 4g fiber, probiotics and organic greens including chard and kale

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July 2018: John Martin + Brooke Davis

meet the owners

john martin and Brooke davis

we are passionate about Jesus Christ, our community, health + wellness and creating a quality cup of coffee. our goal with our coffee is to connect and pour love into our super rad beach community.

we are here for all things good.

when we aren't in the coffee shop you can find us shooting photos for large brands with our vw bus, luci, SURFING or playing music at local venues. 


we can't wait to meet you, hang out with you and serve YOU!

Our Story

The story of our coffee begins in 2004, when Brooke began dreaming of one day opening up and owning her own shop. For 13 years, Brooke worked for small local coffee shops, church coffee shops and the man aka Starbucks. After living in 3 states and 6 cities, John Martin and Brooke finally found their "home" in Gulf Shores, Alabama. But what would they call their coffee shop? Since they got married in 2010, they would always talk about our coffee shop this and our coffee shop that, they had dreamed and planned for so long but never decided on a name. So when all their dreams started becoming reality they decided to name it what they had already been calling it,  Our Coffee 



3800 Gulf Shores Parkway, Ste 130,

Gulf Shores, AL 36542






9am - 8 pm


10am - 6pm

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